We asked our IG followers to send us questions they had, relating to bullying and that they did!  Over the next month, we’ll be answering each of those questions here. 


If you have a question, you’d like us to help answer, scroll on down to the bottom of our page, where you can ask us!  No name or email address is required, rest assured, you’re question will come through completely anonymous.  


Thank you for all your questions!  We are loving the feedback we’re getting, which is leading us, to greater so please… KEEP IT UP!

What should I do, if a friend tells me about being bullied?

I told a teacher about a bully but nothing happened.  The bullying is still happening but I feel stupid telling anyone else.

I'm being bullied on social media.  Since it's not related to school, what do I do?

A person is being really REALLY mean to me at school but I'm not sure it's "bullying".  What do I do, to make it stop?

Why are some people so mean?

I'm not a parent yet but is "bullying" seriously a thing?  These are just kids being kids!  Give them a break already!

Wanna ask us something  anonymously?