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I’m sure you’ve heard of dual enrollment but have you ever thought about actually doing it?  Did you know it was possible for you to graduate high school with your AA degree? Did you know that each year you’re in high school, you can replace 4 of your classes by taking 2 college classes in fall, and 2 college classes in spring for FREE, saving yourself or your parents roughly $1,200 a year? And did you know that you can do this all on the Fort White High School Campus, without missing all of your favorite activities with your friends?


It’s recommended for you to start dual enrollment in the 2nd semester of 10th grade, but it can even be done SOONER than that if you’re driven enough! If you think you might be interested in dual enrolling either now or in the future, it’s never too soon to start preparing. 


Your high school GPA must be a 3.0 or higher, so keep those grades up!


You’ll need to have college-level placement test scores in reading, English and math on either the SAT or ACT.  Haven’t taken either of those yet?  No problem! The PERT placement test can also be taken at Fort White High School!


Lastly, you and a parent will need to attend a required dual enrollment meeting so everyone is on the same page.


THAT’S IT!  It’s THAT simple!  If you want more information, schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor or message us and we’ll be happy to talk you into it!

More information on dual enrollment can also be found on Florida Gateway College's website by CLICKING HERE!