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Dear Parents,

Leading2Greater has some mighty big plans in store for our community. Currently, we are kicking things off in Fort White, where our two children are enrolled in school.  Our vision is to grow county wide within the next two years and  expand to surrounding areas within 5-7 year to reach as many students as humanly possible.  As we begin to grow, we would love to have you join our team for those interested! SIGN UP FOR OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER to be notified as soon as positions become available.

I want to be sure you understand that any projects or challenges Leading2Greater offers is optional. It’s very important to us, to make sure your child is aware that they have a choice to participate, and that choice is completely up to them.  I highly recommend you encourage your child to take part as we will be inspiring our kids to BE and DO the best they can.  Leading2Greater Challenges will be available to all students, who fall into that particular project (by class, grade or lunch period).

Because we give all students the option to take part in our activities, there is no need to sign your student up—this is done automatically.  At anytime, you can check our PROJECTS or PROGRESS pages to stay current on the amazingness your child is accomplishing.  We will NEVER post your child's last name or any images of your child, without a Leading2Greater MEDIA RELEASE CONSENT FORM.

If you choose to not allow your child to participate, you may complete and return the STUDENT CHALLENGE NON-CONSENT FORM so we will be sure, to respect your wishes.  One business day after receiving your completed form, you will be sent a certified letter, mailed USPS, that we agree to uphold your request.

If at any time, you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Your feedback, whether good or bad, is very much appreciated and influential in leading us, to greater!

Parent Consent Forms