Kindness is Contagious and we want to challenge you to pass it on in the Fort White community during the week of February 26th - March 2nd. Of course you don't have to do exactly what we do, but we find the most joy in giving to unsuspecting people in the most unexpected places to individuals we don't know and and who can never repay us.
Our favorite RAOK's (random acts of kindness) are to pay for the person behind us in the drive-thru line or sending dessert to a couple in a restaurant. Other fun thing we like to do are walk people to their cars at the grocery store on a rainy day with an umbrella, complementing a parent on their well behaved child, [literally] running to hold the door for a lady or for an older person, especially on a cold or rainy day, and taking the time to stop and have a genuine conversation with someone we don't know.
There are so many things you can do for someone for a few dollars or without costing you a dime, that will make a lasting impact on that individuals life.  And who knows?  The act of giving might actually change your life, like it did ours!
We'd love to see and hear what you do with your cards so don't forget to share it with us @leading2Greater.